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Hello !

I have a problem with status value list for players in menus.
I have a project ongoing with OR 3.8 working fine so in a smaller project I decided to use the same HUD in a similar menu(same box and settings).
But when I want to use it on this new small project on ORK 3.10 the titles are displayed but not the list of stats, only the title of the list "primary stats or secondary stats" which is parameterized in the list.
I really do not understand why it is not displayed knowing that I used the same settings in both projects.
The only difference between these two projects is that one is turn-based (where the HUD works) and the other is real-time battle and no parameter blocks the HUD in this case.
The character also has hp/mana and various stats visible in game via another HUD but on the other hand means to make these stats visible in this new HUD.
I also tried to make a new status value list type HUD but again without success.
Does anyone have any idea what could be blocking the display of this info.
I leave some screenshots:

-This first image show the status list working in my main project (ork 3.8)

-This image show what I have with the same box/parameters(only layers are different) in the character menu of the smaller project(ORK 3.10)

-And this image show another HUD in the smaller project(ORK 3.10) out of the menu displaying the information of the combattant correctly (buff/debuff,primary and secondary stats/consommable etc)


EDIT : seems switching to ORK 3.10 has somehow erased my default UI settings in UI settings ;)
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