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Hey Gil, is there a chance if you could look at this system by Kronnect and see if you have any success integrating it into ORK 3 and/or Makinom? It allows a movement grid plus other features to be on any most any terrain game object. I realize you have various grids for battle in ORK 3/Makinom but will this work for grid-based movement in the entire game without messing up the battle grids? Could you make this potentially be a supported plug-in for ORK 3/Makinom?
Thank for any help you give…
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  • I think it can already be done:


    In the image, the grid cells are generated on uneven terrain and have 0 Rotation, and the mesh colliders are turned off on the grid cell prefabs, so the character is just using the terrain's collider. And it works. You need some kind of IK solution to get the feet placement to look right. I'm using Final IK for that.

    Then, what you'd do is just hide the grid cells and show projectors (available in HDRP & URP, but not built-in, I think), and it should look like what you want.
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