1. Basically, I'm wondering how to... For example.

The initial spawn point is in the middle of the map...

If I set up a scene change object at the corner of a the map as a "passage way" to go to a different area (new scene) and I have a scene changer representing a way back from the new scene through the same passage way to the previous area (previous scene)

Is there a way to have the player spawn in the previous scene near the passage way at the corner of the map instead of at the initial spawn point in the middle of the map??

And if so, can the battle scene from the "2d grid battle" tutorial be set to spawn the player at a different spot in the town than the initial spawn point??

2. Other asset packs have a secondary point (game object or coordinates) that the scene changer can spawn the player at instead of the initial spawn point in the new scene. If the ork scene changer can work like that, I didn't see it on the component.

Is it possible to use other scene changers and spawn points that aren't from the ork framework while maintaining the functionality and status changes of the character controller??
  • You can check out the 3D RPG Playground for the Settings you want. These things are universal in 2D and 3D.
  • 1) Spawning is handled via Spawn Point components - they have a Spawn ID that identifies them. So, your Scene Changer coming back just needs to use a different spawn ID for a spawn point you add where the player spawns.
    If multiple spawn points share the same spawn ID, one of them is used randomly.

    Also, via Use Spawn Offset setting on the scene changer, you can use the offset the player has to the position of the scene changer as an offset to the spawn point.

    2) You'd need to do some custom scripting if you want to use 3rd party systems for that - ORK needs to spawn the player to know that that game object is the player (or the game object of the combatant).
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  • I'll see what I can do with it. Thanks for the response.
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