Hi -

I'm trying to display the a progress bar for a research item assigned to the player and display it at a particular object's world position.

-When research begins a progress bar appears over a building in the world used to start the research.
-Progress bar ui shows time remaining for research to be completed

So far I have a HUD setup, where I've tried various HUD types including "Combatant", "Information", and "Object"
The HUD uses a prefab which uses the ORK HUD Value Bar Content component with "Research Progress" value type
I show the HUD by using the "Call HUD" node with the Player User or the Machine Object User

I can get the HUD UI to display in the correct place on the screen but it doesn't have the research values and so nothing shows up. Any pointers appreciated.
  • I don't think this is currently possible. There are no HUD components available to list research content.
    The available content components that can show research counts/progress can only be used as part of tooltip HUDs or reserch menu screens to show a selected/highlighted research item.
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