I would soon like to make a small dungeon crawler with a more or less advanced choice of characters and I would like some advice on the best way to go about it.

Basically in this screen, the player can choose his class (which defines the prefab and the fighter used), then 3 traits which would be passive skills added to the player at the start of the game then he can choose a set of equipment from among a list(set of weapons,armor,predefined object in relation to the class).
Also the player could ideally use a back button which would override the last choice.

So I would like some advice on the best (and easiest) way to do all this from a selection screen (scene or menu).
  • Generally, you'll do that using a schematic, unless you want to do some custom scripting :)
    E.g. in your start game schematic, or using an Auto Machine in your first scene.

    The easiest way is to handle it via a series of choice dialogues (Show Dialogue node in Choice mode), doing the selected change afterwards. You can also add a 'back' choice and just remove all that was added before when it's selected.

    Ultimately, this depends on how this should be presented to the player, though :)
    E.g. you can also use a more visual approach by having game objects spawned in your scene, where the player can click on one to select it - e.g. setting that combatat as the player, equipping that equipment, etc.
    With such a setup, each game object would have an Interaction Machine component that does what clicking on it should do.
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  • Alright I see ^^
    Even simpler than the idea I had in mind ^^

    Thanks for the tips as always ;)
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