On the ORK 3 unity assets store page there is a video where it shows the RPG playground tutorial with 3D grids battle.
From 1:55 to 2:25 on the asset store video (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/game-toolkits/rpg-editor-ork-framework-3-209685#description)

I read that there will be a 3D grid tutorial in the future and that would be nice. But in a first time, is it possible to update the 3D Playground Tutorial completed download with the 3D grid implementation shown in the video ? I dont understand why you didn't put it in there.

Thanks for you time
  • Sure, you can add using battle grids to the 3D RPG Playground project. The grid workflow is the same in 3D and 2D, i.e. you can use what you've learned in the 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorials to add battle grids.

    The documentation on grids has 3d cell prefabs available to download that you can use (same as in the asset store video).
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