Hello again ,

I'm still making my character selection menu, everything works except one thing: display a description according to the selected button (selected and not accepted).

I will list the methods already used and I would like help to know what I missed, it must be a very simple thing but I cannot find it after several hours.
The goal is that when a button is selected a box that spawns or is already present in the scene (via a gameobject) displays a text that describes the chosen class or any effect the button in question will have then changes if another choice is selected or disappears if a choice is accepted, I managed to do it with a tooltip but I would like to do it in a box on the right of my screen.

I tried for the moment the method of choice dialogues and I therefore tried to put another show dialogue between the moment when the choice is made and the rest of the schematics, overall it does not work, since the box would have to be present during the selection but not after the player has accepted so I decided to make 3 differents buttons representing the 3 choices of classes with a schematic in the component UI Button Input>Input schematics each having a different schematics with a different text but in the same box.

Once again it's a failure, the box is displayed with the description of the first choice but when I want to select another button for the choice of class, another box spawns on top of the first with exactly the same content (same description) although each button has a different schematics(with different text). Also impossible to close box dialogs between two choices despite the use of "close all dialogs" in the schematics settings or with a node.
  • You can add a description box to the UI box prefab. It'll show the description of the currently selected button.
    Add it using the scene hierarchy context menu: Makinom > UI Box > Content > Description

    Otherwise, you can use a tooltip HUD instead.
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  • Thanks I knew It was something simple ^^'
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