I don't see how movement (walk, run) is tied to ORK. I am checking the 3D Action RPG scene with Ellen.

She has an animation controller with a Movement blend which has the Speed parameter, and I see how speed is setup in ORK. But the rest?

I don't see where the 'Movement' blend is set up in ORK. And the walk animation is called EllenWalkForward, meanwhile in the 'Animation Types' we have Walk Type: 1: Walk set.
And how is this connected to the Base/Control - Input Keys - Horizontal Move?

Interestingly I see how the attacks are setup in ORK, but I don't find the movements.
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    I got a reply on discord btw: so basically what happens is we are using root motion, so the controller probably just deals with facing the character to the right direction, and sends the 'Speed' param value to the Animation Controller (which has the blend setup and therefore deal with choosing walking / running / etc).

    That's why we don't have to setup the movement animations in ORK.

    I just got confused because in the Base/Control - Animation Types there is Walk and Run, but even if I delete them, the demo game works just fine.
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  • Just to add a general overview in case others stumble upon this:

    There are generally 3 ways (in ORK) to handle movement animations:
    - use auto movement animations (set up in combatants) to play defined animation types based on speed (best used for legacy animations)
    - use Mecanim animation setup to forward movement speed, rotation, etc. and have the animator controller handle it (doesn't work for root motion, since here the movement comes from the animation, but they depend on the speed the game object is moving with)
    - use ORK's Button player controls in root motion move type to set the move speed via the parameter (only works for root motion)

    Naturally, you can use any other custom way you want to handle it, though. E.g. via a custom script, schematics or custom controls setting animator controller parameters.
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