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I'm working on a turn based grid battle system in which characters have action bars that drain while they are animating actions during their turns. They can typically take a number of actions on their turns.

My question is: is there a way to designate an action as something that can only be done once per turn, even if you can then do other actions in addition to it (and possibly after it)?

I'm working in ORK 2 right now.

EDIT: I found the reuse settings. I assume this is how you do this. If I set it to turn and set the value to 1, would that make it reusable on the next turn?
Turn 1: use ability
Turn 2: can use ability again

Or would it require 1 whole turn like this:
Turn 1: us ability
Turn 2: cannot use ability
Turn 3: can use ability again
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  • I think reuse after 1 turn should have them available in the next turn.

    An alternative setup would be the use count (found in the ability's Use Cost settings). E.g. settint it to 1 use and auto reset at turn start.
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