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I want to display equipment armor over my player character, I followed the tutorial serieshttps://orkframework.com/guide/tutorials/3d-rpg-playground/07-displaying-equipment/ and the Ork 2 gameplay series tutorial to display it, but the armor doesn´t display when play and test the game :(

How I should to do to show the armor and equip?
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    Hmm I think there are just a few things in general to make these work.

    Prefab created of the item model (and the prefab displays properly if you drag it in to a scene on it's own, scale, shaders etc). Like it could be there but be .0001 size so you don't see it. (Tutorial assets already have this I think).

    Select that prefab in the Equipment Viewer settings in Inventory --> Equipment -->Equipment viewer prefab

    On your character model Create Empty on the bone you want it to move with (tutorial character prefabs already have this on there) . Add component --> Equipment Viewer . Select the Equipment slot.

    I think that's all, and obviously have to equip the item on the character in game or set as starting equipment. Like make sure it's just not equipping due to an available equipment template blocking it or some condition.

    Making them all line up and stuff visually is a different story, especially if using multiple character models.

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