So I have tried a few different things but I haven't been able to make anything work yet. I am trying to make it so that you can hold an input key (left mouse button in this case) and it draws a bow and holds until you release the input. I can sort of do it with setting animation speed to zero with a wait for input node but then movement animations and any aiming animations wont work while aiming. I have also tried setting up the three parts of the shot (draw, aim looped, and release) as separate abilities and animations with three different control maps. All the same input key but one input handling set for button down , one for button hold, and one for button up. In this case it just did the first input.

Any suggestions for setting up a hold to aim ability?

Do I misunderstand the input key handling? Would something prevent using the same key but different input handling settings to active multiple control maps?
  • After running through I managed to get the animations to work with triggers set in the animation settings and schematics. I haven't figured out how to do it while holding and release an input but it is working using the attack input key twice.

    Now I am trying to change the movement controls while "aiming" to more of a FPS strafe set up and aim with the mouse, like the toggle in Game Controls>Player Controls>First Person/Strafing. Is there a schematic node or another setting that will let me change this?

    I currently have the schematic set up with a loop containing a rotate to node referencing mouse position while waiting for the second input but it is causing not all of my inputs to be recognized. Any suggestions?
  • ORK's built-in controls are pretty basic and just there to get you started - if you need anything better, you should consider using custom controls.
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