As it stands, the Range templates from the "2d grid battle" tutorial all don't use diagonal squares.

So in "range 1" you get a 5 square "cross shape" instead of the 9 square "square" shape.

I guess the grid battle was set up for only attacking or moving in 4 directions.

This isn't right and doesn't look or feel right, especially when using aoe damage areas. An explosion or circular aoe would not only damage people in a cross shape... You know what I mean.

1. Change the range to be growing squares.

Range 1 = 9 cells...

Range 2 = 25 cells...

And so on.


2. Simply Switch to a hex grid. (I haven't seen any tutorials to set up hex grids, but I saw the hex grid options in the makinom menus).

Can anyone explain how to set either of these up?
  • Ok nevermind on how to make square range. I found out how to use the "mask" setting.

    But I now notice that I don't know how to find the move range settings for any particular combatant.

    Also info on how to set up a hex grid would be good. Is there a tutorial I missed about hex grids?
  • The general move range is defined in the Move Command settings in Battles > Battle Grid Settings. Individual combatants can override it in their Battle Settings > Override Settings > Grid Settings.

    There isn't a separate tutorial on hex grids - it's simply changing the grid type in Battles > Battle Grid Settings (and using appropriate cell prefabs).
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  • Note also that there is a "Block Diagonal Distance 1" flag in the range settings. You can use that to switch between the "cross" and "square" versions.
  • Thank you. I'm trying out what you said
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