I've setup a HUD Condition on a Tooltip Status HUD. If I'm understanding right this setup is supposed to be checking that the current HUD User populating the HUD will meet these conditions correct? The current condition is supposed to be checking that the HUD User is in the Player Faction but it still is showing up when I hover over a combatant in the scene who is in the Ally faction only.

Am I doing something wrong or perhaps is there a better condition to use here? Thank you. Edit: I did end up fixing my problem by placing a No Tooltip Component on the Ally prefab but wondering if this still is how this is intended to work or not. Thanks for any clarification.

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  • That setup is correct - did a quick test and it's working for me.
    However, the HUD Condition component only manages if it's game object (and child objects) are enabled or not, the HUD itself will still show up.

    If a HUD is displayed is managed by the display conditions set up in it's settings (UI > HUDs).
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