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I'm attempting to bring in a 3rd party package to handle character animations, this one...


Their sample scene works for me with my custom imported character. Getting it to work with Ork is giving me trouble though. Reading around here on old posts & documentation I've tried the following...

1. Adding the scripts used for character control to the "Control Behaviours" section of Game Controls.

2. Changing the Player Controls -> Player Control Type to None

3. Going into Combatants -> General Settings -> Animations & Movement -> Change System Type to "Mecanim"

4. Setting a Mecanim Animation with Animation Type "Walk" using one of the provided animations as the "State Name"

The only animation that plays while using Ork in the project is the custom idle animation, seemingly no matter what settings I change. Walking around just glides the character around without animating them in any way. The custom characters prefab is used in place of the default Warrior character prefab.

Screen shot showing the character in game in idle animation

Edit: I just came across some tutorials on here for using Mecanim animations in Ork. Im going to have a run through those and see if they can help solve the issues Im having
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  • As far as I can see, this is still just using Mecanim animations, so it should work with ORK.
    The setup depends on the details on how the animator controller is set up and how those animations should be played.

    E.g. movement animations - if they're set up using a blend tree, it's best to forward the speed to a float parameter via the Auto Parameters setup in ORK's mecanim animation setup.
    Otherwise, define the animations for the animation types with either playing them directly or via parameters.
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