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I'm having an issue with my battle start schematic in the field. When a player encounters a battle, I want the allied combatants to animate or move to their battle spots. I've tried using the "change position" node in the schematic to move the combatants to their battle spot, but it's not working, they just "pop" to their spots. I've also attempted to remove the "Place at spots" node and solely use the "change position" node, but this approach also fails. However, when I change the "change position" node to just move the combatants to a specific position (not user base), they do move. Do you have any suggestions on what might be causing the issue?
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    Naturally, Place At Spots will already place them on their battle spots, so using that before the Change Position node will not work.

    The User Base and Target Base actor types are only available when animating an action and represent the battle spot of the user and target(s) of the action. They don't work in a battle start schematic.

    You can get a combatant's battle spot at any time via the Select Combatant Battle Spot node. So, maybe first get all combatants in battle (or just all from a defined actor), go through them via the Select Selected Data node one by one, get the battle spot and move to it per combatant.

    Alternatively, you can use Custom Schematics on combatants to call functionality like that on all of them, e.g. selecting their battle spot and moving there in a custom schematic. You can start them via the Custom Combatant Schematic node.
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