ORK 3.12 is here!

This update brings 43 new features, changes and fixes.
E.g. new Auto Machine start types, new float value types, new status value information (last change, last combined change), new status conditions, updates for crafting recipes or the new inventory container slot action type (e.g. for control maps).
See all details in the release notes.

Makinom 2.11 is here!

This update adds 18 new features, changes and fixes.
Use the brand new dialogue importer to create a series of Show Dialogue nodes, see more information in the foldout titles of array (also in ORK 3), slider-based HUD value bars (Unity UI module) or better support for orthographic cameras in camera nodes and camera positions.
See all details in the release notes.

The dialogue importer comes with 2 formats built-in - Separator (splits dialogues, title, text and choices based on defined separator texts) and Markup (using start/end tags to wrap around content, e.g. XML-style). The importer can be extended with custom formats - learn more in this documentation.
Let me know which 3rd party dialogue planning tools you're using and I can look into providing an official extension for it. Will probably look at Ink soon.
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