I want to access information on whether a quest/task is active on inactive to toggle my own map markers that work with your own map system. Through the quest asset or ORK.Quests you can get the Quest settings class. But it seems like the information that I want is found in the Quest class and I can't seem to find a reference to that class short of creating a new instance from the quest settings. Am I missing something?

Secondly, my map system also allows custom markers placed on the map-menu. What would be the best way to save this custom map marker that has been dynamically spawned by the player...
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    The in-game quests and their states can be accessed via ORK.Game.Quests, e.g.:
    List<Quest> activeQuests = ORK.Game.Quests.GetQuestsByType(false, null, false, true, false, false);
    This gets you a list of all active quests, you can also limit that by quest type, etc.

    Save in an ORK save game?
    Depends on how they're added or what information they require. E.g. if it's just a position, that could be stored as Vector3 variables (or a list of variables for all markers). Otherwise, check out Makinom's support for custom save data.
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