I'm trying to call a ORKBattleEvent from C#. I kind of fond a way to do it, but it does not work fully well. The event is called, it's running the nodes, but the Wait nodes won't work and the CallFunction node neither.
Here is how I did it.

public Dictionary combatEventsDict { get; private set; } = new Dictionary();
private EventInteraction ei;
private GameEvent currentEvent;

private void StartEvent(CombatEvent combatEvent)
if (combatEventsDict.TryGetValue(combatEvent, out ORKEventAsset newEvent))
currentEvent = new GameEvent();
ei.gameEvent = currentEvent;

Is there a way to make it work fully?

Thank you
  • Battle events need to be started by battle actions, though you try to start a game event with that code :)

    Anyway, there are easy ways to start a game event from script, via the function ORK.GameEventTicker.StartEvent. There are multiple versions available to pass on different information/objects to use.
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