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Real Time News → Combat system settings, AI decision time, after I set it, I generate an enemy and he always executes an attack automatically? The combatant set the base attack, but I don't set any combat AI, I wonder why he automatically attacks?
If I don't set any decision time he will always execute the attack.

[I don't have any combat AI set]
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    .... In 2d mode, moving the AI, the character moves, why does it rotate the Z axis? I don't want to rotate it, I have disabled the Z-axis of the rigid body.
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    If no battle AI is used or the battle AI doesn't find any useable actions, the combatants will always fall back to using their base attack. If the base attack can't be used (e.g. use costs), it'll do nothing (None action).
    If you don't want this behaviour, you need to use a battle AI using the None action as the last battle AI of the combatants.

    How/where is the combatant moved?
    E.g. the move AI uses the movement component setup of the combatants - see here for an example setup for 2D.
    If it's the player via player controls, you need to use a 2D compatible control, e.g. the built in Top Down 2D as used in the 2D tutorials.
    Or, if moved in schematics, that depends on your setup there.

    The rigidbody setup will only impact movemends using rigidbody. E.g. if the game object is moved by transform instead, it'll not constraint the axes.
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