I want to show Status Values Hud for Enemies during a turn-based battle. But there are two problems.

1. In the hood setting, I have a filter for PLAYERs to filter those who are in battle.
No filter for enemies. I want to show huds for enemies who are in battle. Not everyone on the scene.

2. Secondly, the hud shows question marks. The red one in the screenshot. I have copied it from green. Double-checked everything.

Please review screenshots and guide accordingly.

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    1) This setting is only for the player group because all other groups don't have a separation between battle and non-battle group, they're all part of their battle group.

    What you want to use instead is the Display Conditions > Combatant Requirements. Add a status condition and check for In Battle (status needed setting).

    2) The '???' texts are due to the bestiary setup (Game > Game Settings > ORK Game Settings > Bestiary Settings. The default setup for HUD elements is to use bestiary information, so if you didn't e.g. learn about the status values of an enemy yet, it'll display the Unknown Value Text that's defined in the bestiary settings.
    You can either enabler Ignore Bestiary in your HUD elements or have the bestiary information learned on Encounter to automatically know it when fighting them.
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