I have problem with "Cursor change" function for Scene Objects - I can't find a way how to make the cursor change only in specific distance.
I need the cursor to change only if you are in Box collider of the Interaction Machine on the game object or at least only in specific distance (I'll set the distance the same as the interaction distance for the trigger - 3 meters).
But for some weird reason no matter what I change, the cursor is always changing from the distance of cca 16 meters - this is too far away, you are not yet close enough to the interactio so the changed cursor doesn't do anything.
So question: Is there a way how to adjust the distance for cursor change for specific scene objects?
Thanks :-)

This is how it behaves in the game (it's changed cursor for trigger to interact with the door)

This is one of many things I tryed to change but has no effect.
  • The Cursor Raycast Settings in interactions are just for finding interactions at the cursor position, not the cursor image changes e.g. coming from scene objects.

    I think the cursor image changes are controlled by the HUD raycast settings (UI > HUDs > General Settings).
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  • Awesome, it works! I can confirm that the cursor image change really is controlled by UI > HUDs > General Settings

    Thanks a lot :-)
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