a colleague and i are planning on getting gpt-3 working for an npc soon like what is done in this video (in unity) and also the second video (showcased in unreal. Although it would be ideal to get a unity implementation of it responding with text working.

Do you have plans on adding the feature to allow dialogue engine to connect to gpt3 live in the game like in those showcases?

Here's a very interesting new asset that seems to implement this amongst some other things. If ork had this capacity I could only imagine the potential!
  • Dialogues simply display texts, so it'd be easy to just display whatever the AI generates.
    Currently, you can e.g. use Store Function Result node or a Store WebRequest Text node to get the AI's output and store it into a string variable - afterwards you can display that text via text codes in a dialogue.

    Or write a custom node based on the Show Dialogue node and just replacing the message text with the AI's generated text.
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  • I would very strongly advice against using Chat GPT for automated NPC response. Yes, it is very powerful tool for generating dialogues. But you MUST check every one of them. Because if you will not, it could give the player false information. For example in one of the automated responses NPC mentions treasure in the Castle Black. But you did not add any treasure there, it just AI story. But player will spend a lot of time searching for said treasure and he will be frustrated. Or AI can get a contradicting responses in different conversations - one time peasant say, that he support, for example, sheriff of Notingham, but two answers down he will say, that he supports Robin Hood. It could easily kill all immersion. So, you can use AI to generate quests or dialogues, but you need to recheck all of them. It is still very very very far from the state of being usable in a game without a human supervision.
  • Appreciate the advice @gamingislove that is interesting, we’ll have to look into it.
    And fir the concern @Aratron those can be things to bare in mind, but without going into too far into details, for our particular design for our game these variables don’t negatively impact our players experience. There are also ways to circumvent those kinds of risks in how you go about setting it up as well.
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