Hi, i've implemented hours, minutes and days as global variable and change dialogue according to it but im stuck at how am i suppose to change the lightning based on these global variables. I want to change skybox as well. I already looked for change lighting nodes and skybox nodes in schematic but there is none. I also dont want to use any third party plugin or c#.

Soooo, please any guide for me to achieve that? Thank you so much in advance.
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    The Change Color node can also change the color of lights (Light color type). You can also use rotation nodes to rotate a light and simulate sun moving over the sky :)

    As for the skybox - there isn't a node for that, but you can still do it using a Change Fields node:
    - class origin: Static
    - class name: UnityEngine.RenderSettings
    Add a field:
    - field name: skybox
    - is property: enable
    - field type: Material
    - material: use Select Material and select the material you want to use
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