Hello, I'm trying to create a target selection system similiar to a game called Sonny 2.
I want to first select the target and then have the battle menu open and allow me to select the ability.
Below there's a Youtube video at current time of the target selection in action.

I've tried, setting it up in ORK but I feel as if I'm messing up something.
I've played around in the UI -> HUDS, Battles -> Target Selection and Base/Control. Setting up Mouse/Touch in all of them but nothing seems to work. I've even tried using the Drag and drop system to use an ability but nothing.

Any suggestions would be of help, thank you.
  • There isn't currently a mode to get something like that - it's on my todo list for future updates, though.

    Currently, you an use Battles > Target Settings to set up Group Target Settings or Individual Target Settings to have a combatant marked as target for the group or per combatant (individual) and automatically use actions in the battle menu on them.
    Battle menus can enable using group/individual targets in their settings.
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  • Sounds good, thank you for the answer GIL!
    We'll use the battle menu for now then.
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