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I want to make my regular attack have a certain probability to hit twice (or more) with an accompanying special two hit animation (different from a regular attack animation and/or simply playing the regular attack animation twice). How do I accomplish this? What if I want to make the probability level based or otherwise able to be altered through say, a piece of equipment or a passive ability?

I have a couple of ways I think might be a possible way to do it, but since I'm still relatively new to Ork I want to make sure I'm not missing out on a common sense way to approach this.

Thank you!
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  • You'd usually handle something like that in the schematics animating your actions.
    You can use a Chance node to check a chance (also based on formulas if you want), or a Check Status node to check a lot of different status conditions. Afterwards, just do what you want to do :)

    E.g. for hitting twice, you'd just use the Calculate Action node two times. You can also set damage factors in the node to e.g. do more or less damage.
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