Right now for part of my game, I have some allied combatants getting deleted and spawned in at a separate location, but their status values get reset. How do I set up a combatant to carry over any status value changes after getting deleted?

  • Hm, I see 3 ways to do it:

    1) Store them as selected data - that'd keep their status alive and you can add them to game objects via a Add Combatant node in schematics.
    Doesn't save in save games, though.

    2) Use another player group with a new Player Group ID for those combatants.
    Will save with save games.

    3) Let them join the player group and remove them from group (removed members will still be kept to rejoin later).
    Alternatively, they could also be hidden members of the player group.
    Will save with save games.
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