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Is it possible to create a process for placing and picking up objects (which are COMBATANT) on grids like this using ORK's grid feature?
If ORK can't do it with a node, it would be helpful if it could be done with a custom script.(Multiple players are on a single grid, picking up Facilities and placing them on the grid.)

The conditions must meet the following
Is this possible with ORK3 and Makinom?
1. I want to use the local multiplayer player that was updated in ORK the day before.
2. I want to use the ORK Plugin's New input system plugin for the player.
3. If an object is already placed on the grid, it will not be able to be placed.
4. Where objects are placed can be saved and later restored by loading.
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  • Can probably be done - picking up or placing something on the grid can be set up as abilities and handle these things in the schematics used to animate them.

    Using a None target range allows you to Select Target Cell. I.e. the schematic will have the selected cell as it's Starting Object and you can place something on it (e.g. setting a combatant on that cell).
    The use range can be set up to only include empty cells, so occupied cells can be ruled out by this.

    However, there's no saving during battles, so the battle state can't be saved.
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