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I remember that Ork3 supports Unity to run without reloading the domain and scenes. I tested it and found it to be true. However, it seems to have issues in certain situations. For example, after changing the schematics for battle start, victory, defeat, etc., I must let it load the domain once, otherwise, there will be problems. I haven't encountered any other issues for now.
Are there any other things that need to be aware of?
To be honest, I feel that Unity is getting slower and slower. Every time I run it, I have to wait for seven or eight seconds, or even tens of seconds...
After checking the option to not load scenes and domains, it’s really much faster.

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  • Are you changing the battle start/end schematics on a Battle component or for your battle system (in the editor)?
    Did a quick test (changed in editor) and works fine for me - are you using the latest ORK version (3.13)?

    There might still be some uncaught things happening when domain reload isn't used (e.g. some in-game stuff still being cached from the last play), but settings should all work without issue.
    However, keep in mind that changing the settings without saving will not work. E.g. changing them in the running game and not saving the changes will be lost.
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