I'm trying to create a mechanic that involves attacking. I'm trying to have a status value that increases every time I attack as well as influences the damage for the turn after. I am completely lost and I feel like I tried everything. It seems like I keep getting zero. For example, I want to roll a 1d10 (5) + status value (3) = 8. Then the status value should increase by one so that the next turn would be, 1d10(5) + status value (4) = 9. My roll works but when it comes to the status value, I'm at a loss. Both the max status value is created and the regular status value. Is there an easier way to just script this entire thing and plug in the script somewhere? The formula and the schematic are the only things hindering me right now.
  • There are different ways to do this, e.g.:

    1) Use a status effect that gives a bonus to the status value and add that in your attack (ability). That'd also allow you to automatically remove it after a turn (or whatever duration you want).
    A stackable effect also allows to accumulate multiple bonuses.

    2) Have the attack (ability) increase the user's status value (user changes, or target changes with switched user/target).

    3) Do this in the schematic animating the attack - i.e. changing status value or status effects there. You can also add that in a separate schematic and add it to all attacks that should do this.
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  • Nice that worked! Thanks!
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