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Hey, I'm on ORK 2 following the instructions here https://orkframework.com/ork-2/tutorial/howto/access-handler/

I downloaded and imported the Custom Access Handler but I get compile errors saying it can't find any of the AccessHandler classes (AccessHandler, ActionAccessHandler etc). I can't reference ORKFramework.AccessHandler or any of those classes in other scripts either, but I can still use virtually every other function in the API.
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    Nevermind, updated from 2.25.2 to 2.34.1 and it's there now.

    General question, how feasible is it to update a long running project from ORK2 to ORK3?
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  • It's a manual process - generally doable, since ORK 3 has a lot of new default settings and easy ways to copy/paste data. Redoing the events (now schematics), scene setup and UI can be a lot of work, though.
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