Is there any way to access ork data like statuses when the game isn't running.

We can get it right now doing something like:

string name = GamingIsLove.ORKFramework.ORK.StatusEffects.Get(statusIndex).GetName();

But this only works while the game is running. Any way to get something like this when the game isn't running?

  • Well, access to the data is the same in both running game and in the editor.
    However, in the editor, ORK might not be initialized, so trying to access it can cause issues.

    You can check and initialize the data like this:

    However, this only works in editor-code (so being in an Editor folder or sub-folders of it).
    You also need to add the editor namespace GamingIsLove.Makinom.Editor.
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  • Awesome, thank you very much, GiL!
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