Hi, I am trying to customize battle camera, we want it to be always behind player group, and look at selection, and damage.
Even when player group is under attack, we need same view from our side but a little side camera.
I am trying camera positions with battle>battle settings. Some of them work, for example the selection camera work. but in between the turns, camera goes random, or may be targeting arena.
Is there any way I can override and write my own code? Of anything else you can help with?

or something step by step may be a tutorial.


  • Based on the videos, I'd try to use the Battles > Battle Camera with a setup like this:
    - battle camera type: Allow Schematics
    - look at selection > look at type: Simple Look

    Have the battle block the camera control during the whole fight, place the camera at the start in your desired position and do the rest with camera changes in your schematics animating the actions.

    Alternatively, you can also use schematics during target selections. The latest ORK update added Schematic target highlights, that use a schematic whenever highlighting (and stop highlighting) a target with access to the user, target and action.
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