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I followed the BattleStart and BattleEnds schematics from the tutorial in the ORK RPG framework, but since battles in my game take place in the same scene where the player moves but in different locations from where he is when the battle starts , I would like to know if there is a simpler way to store and retrieve the player's position between battles without having to reload the scene, as the map in my game is procedurally generated, so every time the scene is reloaded, the map changes.
I was using Store Scene and Load Scene.
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    Solved on discord

    1. Use Change Variable node to store player position/rotation/scale

    2. Use Change Position/Rotation/Scale node to restore values

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  • Beside that, you can also use the same method as in teleport battles, i.e. Store Scene node and Load Scene to reload back to that position. This involves a scene reload, though.
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