I was looking to create cutscenes in my game using schematics, but I was looking through documentation and didn't find much on how to do a cutscene. I need to be able to create cutscenes that can auto start when loading into a scene, and can end with a battle start.

I also need to be able to trigger battles after dialogue, and have a new dialogue trigger after the battle ends. I have been able to create enemy triggers but it only lets me interact and trigger the dialogue if the NPC combatant is an ally. If I set them as enemy for some reason the battle triggers before I interact with them. I thought it might be triggering by collision but the point where it triggers is not within the object at all. I am not sure what exactly is causing the battle to trigger
  • The specifics depend on what your cutscene should do - but generally, you'll use the same things you already used for other parts of your game, like dialogues with NPCs or animating battle actions.

    Use an Auto Machine component with Start start type to automatically start when loading the scene (and some condition, e.g. a global variable, to only start it once if that's needed).

    To start a battle, use the Start Battle node - best with a battle set up in your scene and used as actor of the schematic. Battles started via schematics will have the schematic continue after the battle finished.
    You can also add a combatant to a game object via Add Combatant node during your schematic and start the battle with that combatant (via Start Battle node).

    Battles start based on the Auto Start Battles settings of your combatants (general settings for all combatants, overrides by individual combatants). The default setup will start battles with enemies when getting close to them, but you can also turn that off completely.
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