Recently picked up ORK3 and been working on trying to get the right thumbstick to control the camera in field mode when using the top down camera set up.
Had no issues configuring input to allow players to move, interact, and whatnot with the gamepad but it looks like I can only use the mouse to affect the camera rotation in field mode.

Any suggestions?
  • What's your current camera control rotation setup (mainly the input stuff)?

    I'm currently using a setup like this:
    - rotation input change: 90
    - use delta time: enabled (i.e. it'll rotate 90 degrees per second)
    - use axis: enabled
    - axis key: your input key for the right thumbstick

    For the input key, sticks are coming from the Unity Input Manager (or using extensions for e.g. Unity Input Action support). In this case it's crucial to enable the Is Joypad Axis setting and using Hold input handling (to keep getting the input).
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  • I ended up just moving away from the ORK built in and used a custom controller.
    I'll try adjusting to your suggestion
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