Hi community - just purchased the framework (new unity coder and new to design but a lot of years of front end/backend dev work). Been working through tutorials/docs the last few days and had a few questions I couldn't find an easy answer to:

1) Can factions (IE the play faction if I were to be building/researching for my party's organizations) have their own research trees/development trees rather than Combatants (which I read as historical type of 'feats') unlocks?

2) Can anyone point me to a good or have advice on where to start for randomly generating combatant - (especially for recruitable /player characters) stats? I know it's definitely possible.

  • 1) No, research trees are tied to combatants.
    What kind of research would you want to be group/faction based?

    Generally, you could 'fake' it by having a separate research tree menu that only displays those faction trees coming from the player combatant (or e.g. a hidden player combatant). Though, research that affects all group members is limited to learning group abilities, or using schematics in your research items to do custom stuff.

    2) The 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorials use randomized names and prefabs.
    For anything else, you can use Init Schematics on your combatants to do anything you want, e.g. increasing stats, learning abilities, etc.
    The schematic is used when the combatant is initialized in game - the combatant is the Machine Object of the schematic, so you can make all changes on that object.
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