Question 1: Implementing Weapon Draw and Sheathe Animations with Stance Idle

After equipping a weapon from the inventory, I want the character to draw it first with a specific animation, rather than having it immediately appear in player hand. Additionally, I'd like to include a sheathe animation and have a weapon stance or idle animation play after drawing the weapon. I will be happy with any hints or guide.

Question 2: Customizing Camera View for NPC Interaction

When interacting with an NPC in my game, I'd like to change the camera view to focus solely on the NPC's character or face. How can i achieve that?

Thank you so much for your time.
  • 1) Could be handled in different ways (but usually involving schematics), e.g. using equip/unequip schematics of the equipment (either on individual equipment or general settings in the inventory settings).

    2) You need to change the camera view in the schematic of the interaction.
    Similar to how the tutorials do it for e.g. focusing on user or target of an action (see this tutorial).
    You need to block the camera control while doing this to not have it override any camera changes you make. Alternatively, you can also have the (built-in) camera controls switch over to target the NPC via Camera Control Target nodes.
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