Hi everyone,

When I click on a weapon's button, I want to launch an event that is going to Call a Function that will manage the equip and unequip of weapons and armor. We need to do that, because some code has to be run before the equipment is used.
The problem is that I can't find the reference to the equipment I clicked on. Where is it stored in ORK? How is the association between the button and the equipment in managed in ORK?
For now, we use a MenuScreen default action to launched the GameEvent. It does launch it and it is received by the C# script. If I use the MenuAction Use instead of GameEvent, it equips the weapon automatically, which means that the association between the button and the weapon is somewhere. Where is it?

Thank you
  • The game event has access to the equipment as local selected data via the data key action. Use menu action naturally doesn't involve any event or outside script and directly equips it - in this case, you can use the equip/unequip events of the equipment to handle things (they also have access to it via local selected data action).
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