I want to create a button in Unity that is pressed to play a Schematic, I don't know how to do it. What I want to do is like game point and click when I press the picture of the house into the house. Press the bag image to open the bag but I want the button to be in the Scene

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  • It depends on if those are part of the scene or part of the UI.

    When they are part of the scene, you can use regular Interaction Machines for it tha use one of the Mouse start types (e.g. Mouse Up As Button to start when down click and release where on the same object). It needs some collider to define the bounds that are clickable.

    When they are part of the UI, you can use the Button component (or other Unity UI components that can fire events) to start an Animation Machine, e.g. via Animation Event start types. See the documentation for details.
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