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Loading Unity Scene
Loading Combatant Prefab
Prefab preview Prefab for combatant

and other such assets and prefabs. may be also the ui prefab.

I have seen Asset Bundle options in different places. Is there an official implementation for Unity Addressable?


Also. Please confirm the feasibility and some tutorial to make custom plugin for overriding your default asset bundle functionality. I can write code for Unity Addressable; but will it work with ORK/Makinom? Will i be able to overrride the way it loads assets?


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  • There's currently no official support for addressables.
    You can add a custom asset source type via script without changing the source code. You simply need a script extending from the BaseAssetSource class, see the documentation on code extensions.

    I'd recommend to check out the built-in asset source code, e.g. for the asset bundle implementation. You can find this in the Makinom source code.
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