I have a few questions about the console. Please help me.
Sorry for asking so many questions.

1. is it possible to change the console text only when hp is reduced by poison at the end of a turn, like "The fighter's hp has been reduced by 10 due to poison", or to include a schematic when the console is displayed?

2. i would like to display a text in the console at the beginning of a battle that says something like "red mushrooms and blue mushrooms have appeared"!
However, the console settings & types do not seem to be able to display when an enemy appears.
How can I do this?

3. when the fighter used a total attack, he made a total attack on the red mushrooms.
He made a total attack on the blue mushrooms.
The consoles are displayed individually.
The attack animation is only displayed on one side.
Is it possible to display the consoles together and show the attack animations on both enemies, as in "the fighter made a total attack on the red mushroom and the blue mushroom"?
  • 1) Not automatically - the change schematics of status values can theoretically be used for that (displaying a custom console text), but I'm not sure if this can be limited to only a poison effect.

    2) The Add Console Line node allows you to add custom console lines via schematics. You can e.g. use text codes to add the names of actors to the text.

    3) The Perform Action Texts have an option to Use Per Combatant or not. If enabled, the text is displayed for each combatant, otherwise for all together (use the text code for target name list in that case).
    How it's animated is up to your schematics animating the action.
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