Makinom version: latest

I want to call 'AdvEngineController.JumpScenario' in DialogManager(it's my custom script) when player interact to NPC.

I have confirmed that schematic is called.
current settings:

If I add a script directly to the interact object and set "class origin" to "component", it works fine.
However, I want it to work when the script is attached to other gameobject.
  • The Search Objects node stores the game object it found, not the component you used to find the game object.
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  • Yes, I know it.
    GameObjectA have A' component(script).
    GameObjectB have this schematic.

    Behavior I assume:
    B's Search Objects find & store GameObjectA.
    And, Call Function call A' component.

    Actual behavior:
    A' component script is not called.

    Is there a good way to check the Gameobject Search Objects found?
  • I might be misunderstanding but you could do:

    1. Find GameObject A as an Actor if the schematic and use that Actor as the object in Call Function. (Schematic Settings -> Add Actor -> Find Object)

    2. If it’s always going to be on the Player, they should be the Starting Object for the machine so you can use that as the object as well.
  • Thank you Acissathar.
    1st is awesome way. It worked perfectly.
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