Idol animation (change direction) is working correctly, but walk animation is not working.
When I checked Animator in Unity, I noticed that there was no transition when I pressed WASD.
I thought it might be due to the fact that "Auto Animation" is unchecked in Combatants->Combatants.
However, in the completed version, that item is not on.

Who/What (function) performs the animation transition with walking?
  • The 2D tutorials forward the movement speed as a float parameter for the animator controller. Make sure that's set up accordingly.

    If that is set up as in the tutorials, also check your combatant's prefab setup. The Update Mode here determines when the speed is measured, e.g. 2D tutorials move via physics, so it should be set to Fixed Update (as set up in the tutorials).
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  • Thank you for your reply.

    I had overlooked arrows (transition arrows) settings.
    It worked when I changed "Preview source state" and Conditions.
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