Hi there,

What i want to achieve is something like: I want to catch an enemy. I tried to do that by "stealing" the item (which is the combatant) of the combatant.
I managed to alter the text from the Battle Text ( caught ) but of course it changes the text for every steal command. So if another player steals an item (without wanting to catch a combatant is still says caught )

I saw that i can create another Action Info Notification but i couldn't find a way to apply it on the ability with fake "steal" command.

I know it's kind stupid to achieve that with this method but i couldn't find another way (eg ability)

Thank you,

  • Your schematics animating your action can do whatever you want, e.g. showing a custom notification, adding a custom console text, etc.
    E.g. use a Show Dialogue node set up as Notification dialogue type to show a custom notification.
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