"Input ID" is changed to disable the operation while the "call function" is being executed.
And, my schematic restore the "Input ID" When the "call function" is finished.

However, the next node is executed without waiting for the "call function" to finish.
How to stop/pause schematic while running "Call Function"?
  • Call Function only calls a function and doesn't wait for anything.
    You can e.g. handle this via a global variable - the schematic can create a loop to check the variable each frame and only continue when the condition is valid.

    - Wait node to wait 0 seconds (continues next frame)
    - Check Variables node to check a global bool variable isDone

    Your code simply needs to set isDone like this:
    Maki.Game.Variables.Set("isDone", true);
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  • Thank you for your response.
    The information you gave me solved the problem.
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