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Hello, im having problem where i set the combatant spawner just like 3D playground tutorial.
since im changing scene before battle, i added a variable changer component to specify the battle scene name.
i have the combatant spawner respawn time just like 3d playground, like below.
but the enemies instantly respawn rihgt after battle (either victory or escape is the same) as shown below
and if i set scene ID of battle / combatant spawner, it doesn't respawn anymore (i think this works well).
can you help me with this?

thank you
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  • If you change scenes for the battle, you need to enable the Remember Combatants option (top of the Combatant Spawner settings). Otherwise returning to the scene will have a brand new combatant spawner that just spawns it's combatant.

    The Scene ID is there to mark finished battles, so use that option if a battle should only occur once. That can be reset via schematics or automatically based on scene change count (set up in UI > Save Game Settings).
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  • hello GiL,

    it works after i checked remember combatant and click on get new spawner id!
    if i dont click on get new spawner id, it still keeps respawning instantly

    thank you !
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