Absolutely loving ORK.

My combatants are being listed twice in any menu that gets displayed in what is possibly a loop of some kind. I don't how it crept in, but could use some insight locating where it might be.

I add combatants in the Start schematic (3D Playeground) the usual way. If I open my Inventory UI (F1), the listed combatants appear in the menu twice. They are all listed int heir correct order, then they appear again in their correct order.

The same is true for my Battle Selection menu. All combatants appear listed once, then loop and appear again in the menu.

  • Sounds like the combatants are added twice to the group. Is the start schematic used via UI > Start Menu or as a schematic in the game starter? If both, that's your issue (and you should usually use via the start menu settings).
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  • Thanks. That was it.
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