Thank you for your help.

I have two questions.

1.How can I display the status list of a group of players as a child of a panel created from Ui>Panel

2.When I set my own variables, I set them in Game>Game Settings>Initial Variables, is this correct?
Do I set it in Variable Changer or in the node where I change the variable?
Is there another way to set this up?

  • You can just use a Change Variable node with a brand new variable name to "create" a new variable as well. I believe you only need to define it in Initial Variables if you want it to already be created and have a starting value.
  • Thank you for your answer. It helps!

    Do you know the answer to question 1?
    It would be helpful if the answer to question 1 or a clue could be given.
  • 1) Add a HUD Player Combatant (Content Provider) component to it and base your other HUD components using this as their content provider.
    This (and many other content provider components) can be used to use HUD stuff outside the HUD system and e.g. add it to custom UI or UI boxes, etc.

    2) Variables don't need to be created, you can just use them wherever you need them.
    If they're not yet set when used, they'll have a default value (e.g. false for bool, 0 for int/float, empty text for string, etc.).
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