If someone could make an informed guess about this I'd appreciate it.

My non-ORK controller (ORK only controls combat and UI) enters a trigger and I can use a non-ORK UI to then open the ORK Shop. This works just fine.

After I close the shop and leave the trigger, the trigger fails its OnExit.

There are no other issues with triggers anywhere in the project. It only appears when I'm standing in a trigger and open the Shop. I can, for example, stand in the same trigger, open and close the regular ORK UI (F1) and there are zero issues.

Is this EventSystem related, Layers, UI? I can't work it out. Without seeing anything, can anyone take a stab?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "fails its OnExit" so I'm guessing you mean it doesn't fire?

    If so, the only thing I can think of is if the GameObject or Collider component responsible for the Trigger is disabled/destroyed before actually leaving the trigger, the OnExit will not fire.
  • Thanks for helping Acissathar. Right, it doesn't fire. And yes, you're explanation would have solved a more complex problem.

    But mine is sillier than that ;)

    I didn't have the Auto Start Type set correctly. It was set to Start instead of Enable.

    I'm not telling anyone how long that took to fix.

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