Hello !

Simple thing , I noticed there is a lot of factors available in the passive ability but no gold factor.
If possible I would like to add an ability that make the player (story with only one player character) earn X% more gold after the battle or event if he has this passive ability enabled(always enabled).

  • A workaround I think would be to make a hidden status effect you place on your player. Then make a formula for Gold gain that checks for the status effect, and if present, multiples by 2 or whatever. Then you in places you reward gold you can use that formula with the initial value as the "default" and the formula can apply the multiplier as necessary.
  • There's generally no loot (item or gold) factor available - that's something you can handle via formulas. Beside using status effects, the passive ability itself naturally also can give status bonuses to such a status value used by a formula.
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